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The Events – Young Vic SE1 (a note)

I reviewed this in Edinburgh, for the Times, which (via paywall) can still be read on http://tinyurl.com/l3qvtvn.  I gave it four stars.

So I won’t re-review it here,  but it’s worth signalling, on this press night at the Young Vic,  that David Greig’s play is an intense two-hander with a community chorus directed by Ramin Gray, that it is remarkable, and worth seeing.  Set in a church hall in the aftermath of a mass shooting,  it has a thoughtful, mournful topicality, subtle and nuanced and humane.

Neve McIntosh is a hip lesbian vicar struggling with her feelings and philosophy of life after half her choir are murdered.  Rudi Dharmalingham is sometimes the boy with the gun  “I need to make my mark. The only means I have are art or violence. And I was never any good at drawing”.  Sometimes other characters, who without vocal or physical change emerge as if in McIntosh’s own thoughts. A  humane, never glib exploration of our deepest modern fears.  Bleak, riveting, worth seeing.

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